Some other things we offer at The Red Dove Cafe…


  • Wi Fi

WiFi is available!  Ask our staff for details and set up.

  • Newspaper

We have the daily newspaper ‘The Examiner’ available to read.  If you can’t find it ask our staff – it will be hiding somewhere!

  • Makers Market

We have some handmade goods for sale.  These are made by members of our congregation or friends of the café.  Check our glass display cabinet for what’s available.  Ask our staff if you are interested in looking at or purchasing any item.

  • Book Exchange

We have books and magazines available in the front cube bookshelf.  Read it in the café or take it home.  And bring your books in from home to share as well.  It’s a free service!

  • The Red Dove Café hire

It is possible to hire the café for a special function. Please call Pilgrim Church on 6331 8466 for details.

  • The Red Dove Café booking

It is possible to book the café for a special function especially where the group needs support.  Also call Pilgrim Church for details.

My Shoutphoto-2-11-2016-1-55-03-pm

We have a ‘My Shout’  jar on the food counter.   You can donate money so that another customer who doesn’t have any money can be ‘fed and watered’ – shouted by you!