Witness to the Word

I use the phrase ‘Witness to the Word’ for what has been traditionally called ‘the Sermon’.

This is very deliberate on my part (and I’m grateful for a wise teacher many years ago who let me pinch his title – thank you J.B!).  It reminds me that what I do is give witness to my experience of the dynamic life-giving, creative mystery that I call “GOD: I don’t ‘explain’ it or insist that that the experience of others must be the same as mine.  Being faced with mystery beyond imagination and understanding, demands of us humility and the willingness to grow, and to accept the limits of our vision.

This is also why I use capital G, O, and D, when I write the divine ‘name’: to remind me that I’m speaking of a mystery whenever I use those three letters in that order.  It stands as a kind of symbol, rather than a person’s name.  Jesus’ people used the letters “YHWH’ (said as Yahweh’), or “the Lord” to express the same kind of thing.

So what you see here are my Witness to “The Word” (Jesus, the Word of GOD), given the best expression I can at the time.  I hope they are helpful to you, too.  Blessings!

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2018 11.25 Baptism, and the Way of Christ

2018 11.18 Two women of Faith

2018.11.11 Not as the world gives…

2018.11.04 Like Ruth did.